It's the last weekend of summer and it's the best car show of the year.

Of course, my assessment is subjective. And in reality, I haven't been to every Grand Junction car show this year, but I know from past experience the Fuoco Motor Company Downtown Car Show is an outstanding event.

I have been privileged to be associated with this car show for a long time. In fact, I believe this will be my 17th downtown car show. It's happening this Saturday, September 21 from 9am -3pm.

Why is this event so special and so good?

Well, it starts with the cars. Typically, there are nearly 200 classic cars and trucks on display and occasionally a little more. Downtown Grand Junction is a great setting for these vintage automobiles. With all of the landscaping and trees downtown plus all of the beautiful cars - it's just a great place for a car show.

Another huge plus for the downtown car show is the weather. Summer is winding down and we normally expect extremely mild and comfortable weather. At last check, we were expecting a day time high of 75 degrees on Saturday. We just couldn't ask for more perfect weather for a car show.

Finally, this is a great car show because you get to vote for your favorite automobile in the people's choice category. If you want to vote, you'll probably need to be done looking at all the cars by about noon. Feel free to take some time to talk with some of the owners. I'm sure they would appreciate your interest and the opportunity to share their story.

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