An injured bald eagle is recovering, after being rescued from a tree in Berthoud over the weekend.

On June 19, Colorado Parks and Wildlife observed a juvenile bald eagle whose right-side wing had been impaled by a branch while in its nest up in a tree. Wildlife officials had been closely monitoring this specific nest prior to the incident, which is how they noticed the bird in despair so quickly after it happened.

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Due to the location of the eagle's nest, CPW enlisted the help of Berthoud firefighters and a local tree service company to assist with the rescue. An arborist named Andy from High Line Tree Care was able to perform an aerial rescue to recover the bird from the large cottonwood. Andy wrapped the raptor in towels to avoid being clawed by its talons while lowering it to the ground.

The bird's parents circled above and landed in nearby trees, watching as the rescue took place.

CPW explained that the bird's condition was questionable following its recovery. The fledgling was transported to Fort Collins' Rocky Mountain Raptor Program where it will undergo treatment and rehabilitation under the care of professionals, with the goal of eventually being released back into the wild.

Wildlife officials believe the bald eagle is approximately three-months-old. According to 9News, the young bird already weighs 20 pounds and has a massive wingspan of nearly six feet.

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