The Bedrock Homestead is a custom-built cave that's ready for you and your family's next getaway. The cave was blasted and carved by the owner of the Airbnb and is surrounded by cows and horses nearby.

This Airbnb is about four hours away from Grand Junction and could be a great, peaceful place to get away for the weekend. The cave has "uninterrupted views of the Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument" which is "like sitting in a painting" according to the listing. Plus there's no internet and limited cell service here so you can really unplug and unwind.

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The cave is off-grid and uses hydroelectricity and if you're worried about being too hot or too cold here, don't be, since the cave's temperature is regulated year-round. There are tons of activities to partake in such as swimming in the outdoor blasted-out pool, hiking and exploring the surrounding 40 acres, jamming out in the music room and stargazing on top of the Airbnb at night.

Here's what a getaway at the cave Airbnb called Bedrock Homestead looks like.

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The cave sits on 40 acres and has adorable cows, horses and cats on the property.

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