Are you tired of the same old boring career? Tired of heading out to the same old job, dealing with the same old routine? Is it time for a change? If this describes you, then the Rain City Superhero Movement wants to talk. Take charge of your life, become a superhero. Apply today!

"We are still looking for new people to help the RCSM (Rain City Superhero Movement) combat crime," says Phoenix Jones, leader of the RCSM. "Read the application and join up," he adds.

If actually becoming a super hero isn't your thing, you can support our heroic crusaders by contributing to their "video" fund. Phoenix Jones and other super heroes from the RCSM typically record their adventures and then share the video via their links. The RCSM has received complaints as to the poor video quality, and are working hard to improve this aspect of their crusade. Phoenix Jones is currently taking contributions with hopes of purchasing a new GOPRO 3.

Should you choose to fill out the superhero application, be prepared to answer question including education level, criminal record, volunteer experience, hobbies, and date of birth.