If you're looking for some space saving ways to add some beauty and color to your patio or entry then take a look at what you can do that's not only space saving, but money saving as well.

The featured picture is what I like to call Tower of Flower. Petunias or other trailing plants are perfect for this project which uses a flower pot, tomato cage, landscape fabric and plastic ties.

Fill the pot with good plant soil and mulch. Wrap the tomato cage inside and out with landscape fabric attaching it with the plastic ties and then stick it into the large pot. Plant flowers around the outside of the pot, then start filling the inside of the cage with soil, cutting holes in the sides and inserting more plants as you work your way up.

Top it off with a few more plants and you're done. It looks pretty dismal in the beginning, but as the plants grow, you have a beautiful tower of flowers.

Stack the Pots

Photo, Ed Chandler

Here's a great way to grow a variety of plants in a single space. Start with a large pot and then use smaller pots stacked on top of each other.

This is a pretty small and very simple combination, but the sky's the limit depending on how much space and how many pots you want to stack. If you're planning on stacking a lot of pots, insert metal rods between the pots to add stability.

Yard Sale and Free Stuff

Photo, Ed Chandler

Here's proof one person's trash is another person's treasure. This stair-step stand was a distressed throwaway my wife and I talked about repainting, but once the plants were placed on it, the distressed look added so much character we decided to leave it, as is.

The combination of different planters are also a nice touch.

The stand below was another discard that was repainted and now holds four pots of flowers. It sits next to one of the supports for the patio pergola. It adds some color around an otherwise boring white support and doesn't take up much space.

Photo, Ed Chandler

Speaking of turning trash into garden treasures, in the future, I'll show you some of my wife Brenda's earth friendly ways to create some cool planters and above ground gardening ideas.