Watch this footage of a bear hanging out in a tree on Main Street in downtown Delta. He was just chillin',

Have you heard this joke:

A bear walks into Delta. Climbs a tree. Sits. For more than 20 hours. 

OK, not really a joke, but it turned out to be a huge draw for Delta residents. Definitely the thing to go and see downtown on Thursday.

Maybe he was bored or maybe he was waiting for a bus. Whatever the reason, he remained up there for almost an entire day. My guess is he either got hungry and he got tired of all the weird humans watching him. Can't a bear get some privacy?

But, the best part of this story is that everyone simply just left the wild animal alone and he eventually did leave the tree and the area. No harm. No foul. No one hurt. And the biggest thing - is that official didn't have to kill it, trap it or even tranquilize it.

For THAT reason I salute the Delta law enforcement and wild life officials for making that kind of a call!



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