Snowy weather is here to stay.

The snow itself may melt after a day or two, leaving us with a muddy mess, but you can count on it being quickly replaced by new flurries.

Wyomingites are often divided on how they feel about our early (and looong) winters.

Some of us love it and look forward to all of the outdoor sports that can be done once that snow starts sticking.

And those same people are likely the ones that think a thick white blanket of snow makes everything look beautiful, like a Hallmark Christmas card.

Other Wyomingites dread those first few snowflakes falling, and see it as a sign or terrible things to come.

They hate the cold and the wind and despise driving on icy roads.

For those of you that are more against Winter than for it, I have a video that may just help you find some joy again in this 9-month long season.

In the video, a Bear Cub is caught on a security camera trying to catch the snowflakes as they fall.

Adorable right?

And doesn't it make you feel a little bit better about the Winter weather we have right now?

If you have videos of your pets, wildlife, or your family enjoying the snow send them to us using the My Country 95.5 Mobile App.

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