We've heard of restaurants and other smaller businesses trying to find enough staff to keep the doors open but it's now expanding to banks as well. I was shocked when I found out the large banking organization of Wells Fargo has now made the plan to close their banking location in downtown Montrose located at 400 East Main Street.

The branch will officially close its doors on Wednesday, August 11th at noon according to a letter that was distributed to customers in the area. This branch has been closed for quite some time now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which made the decision to close for good much easier to make.

Was There Any Other Information Given By Wells Fargo Regarding the Bank Closing in Montrose?

Wells Fargo reassured all of its customers that no bank accounts would be affected by this change. The company also wanted to let customers know that if they need in-person banking for any reason the next closest location would be at 1475 South Townsend also in Montrose. And after that would be the Delta location at 500 Palmer Street.

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Will This Start a Trend With Other Businesses Closing Locations

Being a big company it would have been easy for Wells Fargo to reopen this location but they have seen that having fewer locations could drastically save them money. With so many other businesses looking at cutting costs after losing profits last year this could be the start of a trend with fewer locations.

Please remember to support local businesses as much as possible as so many small businesses are trying to become profitable once again.

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