Were you beginning to wonder if you were ever going to see rain again in Western Colorado? Tuesday's ten percent chance of rain rapidly turned into 100 percent chance of rain. Check out these videos.

I was beginning to wonder what rain looked like. I know I'd seen it before. It's the wet stuff that falls out of the sky, right? It's been so long it was getting hard to remember.

The video at top was shot near Red Canyon at Southcamp Road.

By midday yesterday, August 21, we had more of the stuff than we knew what to do with. Aside from knocking out power on Black Ridge, no major damage came from the rain and lightning, at least not in the valley.

Take a quick look at these videos, two from Grand Junction, the other from near Gateway. Keep them handy, just in case we don't see rain again anytime soon.

Thank you to KKCO 11 News and the Mesa County Sheriff's Department for the use of the videos. The video below was shot at Highway 141 south of Gateway.

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