This is the best footage of a Mt. Garfield hike I have seen.

Big thanks to this brother and sister team for recording their adventure. I couldn't find any names. but the video was published by WannaBFree.

There are other videos out there, of folks hiking up Mt Garfield, but this one takes the cake. The video coverage, the commentary and even some humor all thrown together make this a very enjoyable viewing.

I have been searching for a clip like this because it's probably the closest I am ever going to get to the top of Mt. Garfield. After three attempts, the conclusion has almost been made that I can not do it. It's the height and the narrowness of the first portion that my brain does not like. But, not totally giving up, yet. This video does help. Makes it seem not so scary.

So, hopefully (one day) I can summon up the courage and try it again. My co-worker here Waylon Jordan said he would go up with me and help.

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