Apparently some folks don't have anything better to do with their time than try to make other peoples life miserable!

According the Arapahoe County, Colorado, Deputy DA George Brauchler, some of the victims of the massacre have been, "relentlessly" harassed by people who don't believe the shooting ever occurred!

We talked about this a few weeks back, in our story titled: "Sandy Hook Hoax-You Decide" regarding the Newtown shootings, and according to our survey:

  • 55% of people think it was faked
  • 34% believe it really happened
  • and 15% were still undecided

According to a court filing this week by the Deputy DA, the conspiracy theorists have contacted victims, recruited others to contact them and have publicly posted maps with their addresses and phone numbers on social media sites!

If I was a one of these victims I would be concerned not only about my privacy but my safety as well!

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