When I was growing up I had two sisters and a brother. We were always throwing things at each other. I once threw a fork at my sister and it stuck in her leg. She was okay and it was easy to get out.

Then I threw a spoon at her and it hit our large TV and cracked the screen. That was not easily forgotten since it was brand new and now we had no TV to watch.

I wondered if I ruined anything else growing up.

I think that one was the biggest one, besides selling my horse in a want ad without telling my parents I think I was nine. I wanted a mini-bike and put an ad in the newspaper. When the people came to get my horse, my parents, of course, were flabbergasted.

I did not get a mini bike and I had no horse.

When you were growing up did you ruin anything?

I know people had things destroyed like their cellphone when their child put it in a microwave.

So think back and tell me what you did?

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