Every day in Grand Junction you see homeless individuals standing at a busy intersection, perhaps hoping that somehow today will be brighter than yesterday. But, how often do you see a young person standing on the corner?

My guess is, the majority of people you see asking for money are adults, consequently, many of us are unaware of the over 200 homeless teens in the community.  That number is staggering.

Beyond that, you may not be unaware of The House, a temporary shelter for homeless, runaway, and unaccompanied youth in Grand Junction ages 13-20. It opened in 2012.

The House is part of the Karis programming and helps teens move toward more stable housing and other goals through case management, and support from advocates, and volunteers. Additionally, there are three homes for youth that provide 1-3 years of housing and services.

More than 200 homeless young people in Grand Junction receive services from Karis, and, obviously, that takes money.

A community-wide fundraiser is being held Thursday, September 27 in which members of the community are invited to sleep on the street for a night in an event called "Night on the Street."

Registration for the event is $25 as participants gather at 6:00 pm in the CMU Plaza for a sack dinner. There will be some discussion about youth homelessness in Grand Junction, and then, a night of sleeping outdoors in the coolness of late September.

It's a great way to experience, at least in a small way, what it's like to be homeless and at the same time offer financial support to this great effort in Grand Junction.

If you can't participate, perhaps you would be willing to make a financial contribution to help the cause.



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