Tired of paying high prices for a cable package only to watch a few shows? Use this calculator to help you decide whether ditching cable will work for you!

I have a dilemma, for the past month I've been trying to decide if I should get JUST the internet at home.

Currently we have nothing, no cable, no internet, no home phone.

Most people would FREAK with a set-up like this but to be honest we don't watch enough TV to justify paying for Cable.

However, it would be nice for my son to be able to watch kids programing on the internet and such, PLUS it would:

  1. Save me money-Right now I spend around $100 bucks for my cell phone data plan and if I got the internet for $30 dollars I could drop my data down to $20 and save $70!
  2. Allow me to watch TV-There are tons of shows you can stream with products like the Roku.

My mom got a Roku for Christmas and I'll be honest, I don't know why anyone would pay for Cable when this thing is available and lets you watch stuff for FREE!

Find out if dumping cable is right for you with the MarketWatch Cord Cutter Calculator!

Now the problem is:

  1. Which service do I get?
  2. Who do you have?
  3. Would you recommend them?

Help me with my dilemma by giving me your feedback below!

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