Have you saved a life lately? Have you ever sat in the Reserved section at Country Jam? You could scratch both of these off your bucket list right now.

Give the gift of life - give blood. It's a great experience, and you'll be glad you did it. Sitting in the Reserved section at Country Jam is a pretty good experience, too. Here's how you can win a pair of tickets.

If you donate blood at the St. Mary's Regional Blood Center or at the St. Mary's Bloodmobile between now and June 7, 2019, you'll be in the running to win a pair of Reserved tickets to Country Jam. Wow, what a deal.

This is not a promotion with my station. This is an offer presented directly from the St. Mary's Regional Blood Center. As you know, I'm a big supporter, and donate every 10 weeks or so.

Once again (I've posted this list about a hundred times), here are my top five reasons why you should donate blood:

5. It's painless. Seriously, it doesn't hurt. Yeah, they have to poke a finger with a little needle to get a sample, and that's kind of a drag. Aside from that, you hardly notice anything.

4. The people at the blood bank are awesome.

3. You really do get free orange juice and cookies!

2. You never know when you might need blood. Wouldn't it give you real peace of mind to know there was blood waiting should you need it?

1. You literally are saving a life. How many times today will somebody need blood right here in Grand Junction? How about the country? Will it be someone you know? A family member? Be proactive! Emergencies happen without warning, but that doesn't mean you can't be prepared.

Time is of the essence on this one. The promotion winds down June 7, 2019. Don't delay.

When I visit the blood center, there's never any wait. I can get in, answer the embarrassing questions about my non-existent sex life, and then donate. Start to finish is rarely more than 20 to 25 minutes.

Here's your chance to save a life and possibly win tickets to Country Jam. Hey, somebody is going to win. Why not you?

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