As I drove up Horizon Drive last week I noticed all of the normal signs that we all expect to see but then I saw one that stuck out to me. It was the sign for the Quality Inn and for the adjoining Good Pastures Buffet and it said closed but it had a phone number to call.

This morning I reached out to the front desk lady at the Quality Inn to figure out exactly what that sign meant. And due to COVID-19, the Good Pastures Buffet is now closed to outside guests. The buffet is still open for the breakfast buffet being offered to guests that are staying at the Quality Inn, but they are no longer accepting any customers that aren't also staying with them.

Of course, that leads me to more questions. I asked if the plan is to reopen or if this change will be permanent and unfortunately at this time management hasn't made a decision on if the Good Pasture Buffet doors will ever open again for customers not staying at the hotel.

If you're a big fan of going to the buffet with all of the different food options to choose from you're in luck as there are still other options in Grand Junction. When we asked you a few years ago what your favorite buffet in Grand Junction was we got the answers here, with Golden Corral coming in at number one.

Obviously, the pandemic we are currently working through makes it difficult for buffet restaurants to stay open with all of the social distancing measures but one thing is certain there are always customers eager to visit the different buffet locations around Grand Junction.

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