I cannot even begin to describe the feelings that many Colorado families are feeling this morning as 10 people were shot down in a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colorado just yesterday afternoon. Ten lives that didn't need to be taken but they also had no idea that entering that grocery store would be one of the last things they did on earth. This is making me wonder this morning if yet another Colorado tragedy is going to get more people thinking about a concealed handgun permit and carrying a firearm moving forward.

When making a decision like this you have to do what makes you comfortable. And of course, make sure you go about it the right way. If you are interested in getting your concealed handgun permit in Mesa County I found all the information you need to apply for the permit, just click here.

Why I Choose to Have My Concealed Handgun Permit

My wife Savannah and I started talking about firearms a few years ago and both wanted to learn more about them and how to do it safely, so we signed up for a basic class and learned as much as possible. We then both bought firearms and got our permits. It's a hobby for us as well as something we both think is important for safety and security reasons.

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Before You Apply for Your Concealed Handgun Permit in Mesa County

Make sure you feel comfortable with your firearm and after you get your permit continue to visit the range so you're ready in case you do need to use it. And as always treat every firearm as if it were loaded. We just want you to be safe.

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