This past weekend was perfect across the grand valley with temperatures into the 80s in the afternoon with no rain. Which gave Savannah and me the perfect opportunity to go hiking. We have so many amazing trails around us why not take advantage of them?

On Saturday, we woke up early and sat around drinking coffee for an hour before finding the motivation to hike Devil's Kitchen a daily easy hike within the monument. Most people have hiked here before but luckily because we started fairly early there weren't too many people on the trail. Here are just a few pictures I took while at Devil's Kitchen.

Photos of Devil's Kitchen Trail

On Sunday, I was feeling more adventurous and decide to do the Upper Palisade Rim trail. I had done the lower trail before but I wanted to push myself a little harder this time. So, I got started up the trail with my backpack and a few things such as a water bottle. It was a beautiful hike, the views are some of my favorite across the valley.

As I was approaching the end of the upper trail I took a few steps off the path and didn't realize I had gone into an area I shouldn't have. I quickly realized after seeing bones for approximately 15-20 animals. There are bears in the area so I quickly exited the area and returned back to what I knew was the trail. It got my blood pumping even more than the hike did. As you can see in the pictures it was a tremendous hike with amazing views. But let this be a reminder for you, pay close attention to where the trail leads you.

Hiking on Palisade Rim Trail

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