Check out this footage of some of the most beautiful areas in Colorado. Including the Western Slope.

The crew at 50 States By Drone have created a visual masterpiece of our state. But, it is not all Front Range. This clip includes some hot spots here on the Western Slope.

  • Bangs Canyon
  • Rattlesnake Canyon Arches
  • Rifle Falls
  • The Monument
  • Escalante Canyon

Always cool to be reminded how awesome our state of Colorado is. It also reminds me that I have not been to a lot these places in person yet. Will definitely have to up my travel and exploring plans for 2018.

We should all do that. It could be as simple as choosing three Colorado locations you have never been to but always wanted to visit. For me, number one is Red Rocks to see a show. Heck, I would go see it empty just for a chance to run those steps.

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Jason Bahr

Next up would have to be the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. It just looks cool, plus they hold a 5K Fun Run every Thursday evening among the scenic trails.

Garden of the Gods
Zane Mathews

Finally, I have to put the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Sounds like fun to climb and slide on the dunes.

Getty Images
Getty Images

There are my three to hit for 2018. Good luck on your travels!

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