It's been a long time since Grand Junction has seen anything like this. Check out this awesome footage from Monday's fire just off Grand Junction's Rosevale Road.

As a life-long resident of Grand Junction, I've traveled Rosevale Road thousands and thousands of times. My grandparents lived on Little Park, so this was the route I used to get to their house. My brother still lives there. At one point my great-grandpa lived on Rosevale Road itself.

As you can clearly see from the footage, several acres have been laid to waste. Over the course of my life, I've seen a few tragedies befall this part of town. Do you remember when the Colorado River flooded back in the '80's? The Riverside area was affected, as were several homes on the east side of Rosevale. A few homes were lost to the river.

It really is a peaceful part of town. Many of the residents have lived there forever. After Monday's fire, it seems Rosevale Road may never be the same.

Special thanks to the Grand Junction Fire Department for a job well done. Thank you, Jay Heusser, for allowing us the use of the video.

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