We are seeing a growing trend with businesses lately and that is requiring customers to wear a face mask to help ensure that other customers and employees don't swap germs during this pandemic. We are learning from 4 CBS Denver that the coffee chain Starbucks will soon be requiring all customers to wear face masks in it's company-owned stores. They will be the first national chain to implement this change.

This change is specifically for in-store purchases. Drive-thru customers or curbside pick up customers still have the option to choose whether they want to wear a face mask or not. Another option is using the Starbucks Delivers method, which is exactly what it says, and you could have your beverage delivered to you.

You can almost guarantee that since Starbucks has made this move we will soon see other national chains following in their footsteps and requiring face masks of their customers.

This has become a heated debate lately with strong opinions on both sides. It will be interesting to see if Starbucks sees and increase or decrease in customers after making this change, although it seems like at this point they care less about profit margins and more about the safety of their employees and customers.

With this change less than one week away does it make you want to change your coffee habits? Will you go out of your way to support Starbucks in their decision or will you stay away now? And now I am just wondering what national chain will be the next to stand up for face masks.

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