Anxiety is surrounding the 2020 election like none other in history.

In many ways, this year's election in Mesa County is like any other presidential election year. We are voting on a president, congressional seats, and ballot issues. Voters are mailing in their ballots,  dropping them off in person, and some are voting in person. But, yet, this year's election feels very different.

Somehow it feels like every vote is especially critical in this year's election, and there is both a spoken and unspoken fear that not every vote will be counted. Undoubtedly, there are mistakes that happen, ballots that are lost, and in some isolated cases, stolen, and votes that are miscounted.

One thing you don't hear much about is the potential for voter error, Unfortunately, that happens, though it's hard to know how high the occurrence is. My guess is that it is a relatively small number.

Nonetheless, everyone wants to be doubly sure this year their vote is being counted and there is a way you can do that. If you have already mailed in your ballot or dropped it off at an official dropbox, there is a way you can check and see if your ballot has been accepted or rejected. There are three primary reasons why a ballot may be rejected.

1) You didn't sign your envelope
2) The signature on your mail-in ballot doesn't match what's on record
3) You didn't include a requested form of identification

Here's what you do to check on the status of your ballot.

2}  Click on "find my registration," type in your voter information, and click enter

3} Scroll down and look for "mail ballot status"

4}  It should list the 2020 Mesa County General Election, election date Nov. 3, 2020, and your status should say accepted or rejected

If you have any questions about the 2020 election, there's lots of information on the Mesa County website. Whatever you do, and whichever method is right for you, get your ballot in - and be sure and follow the instructions carefully.

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