Here is my chance to vent a little in what I like to call "A Letter To Grand Junction."

My therapist suggested to me that I write down my feelings. Either that or the old-fashioned primal scream. I went with her letter writing idea.

Dear Grand Junction,

I know we are all busy. Pulling ourselves in five different directions at once. So, WHY do we have to make it more difficult and stressful by ignoring one tiny, simply driving law.

In a four-lane intersection and you are turning left, you must STAY in the closest lane. That is your lane. The outside lane is for the opposite vehicle to turn into his or her close lane. You do NOT have the authority, or the right, to drift all the way across both lanes over to the curb. Stay in the closest lane. Because I will turn right into my close lane and if you do not stay in your own lane and you hit me it is 100 percent your fault. It's the law.

In conclusion, I would like to thank my therapist. It was her idea to write this letter. To be honest, I do feel a little better.

Yours truly,


I see this happen constantly and it literally boils my blood.

What are those annoyances or those issues that residents of Grand Junction constantly need to be reminded of? It could be ridiculous law, a city landmark, why we have this and don't have that type of issue. Anything that you feel needs to be brought up to us in Grand Junction.

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