We're diving into the world of professional video gamers that live right here in Colorado. All three of these pro gamers are teammates that sponsored by NGenius Gaming, based out of Colorado.

They stopped in Grand Junction for this interview on the way to the largest fight gaming tournament in the nation, Evolution 2019 in Las Vegas. Over 10,000 competitors will be there and these guys aim to have some fun, make some money and crush the competition.

Q: What are your names and where are you from?

A: Colin Nimer from Utah and lives in Littleton, Colorado. Twitch: cd_mangaka

A: Trent Ditzler from Connecticut and lives in Lakewood, Colorado. Twitch: ngen_teddy

A: Matthew Keodara from California and lives in Boulder, Colorado. Twitch: yiinja

Matthew also says to check out akihabaraarcade on Twitch. this is the main Colorado channel, where to find monthly tournaments, this is the go-to for colorado fighting games. This channel shows different players all across Colorado.

Q: What were the first video games that you started playing?

Colin A: Spyro on Sony Playstation. It's my mom's fault for getting him into video games.

Trent A: Original Super Mario on Ninentdo NES.

Matthew A: Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

Q: What video games do you play now and what are you ranked?

A: Dragonball Fighterz and we're in the top 500 in the entire world. We're among the top five in Colorado.

Q: How much do you make playing video games?

A: We make money during tournaments based on the outcome. The top three usually take home the prize pool. Money is dependent on how many people are in the tournament. The last tournament we were in we won $600 total for their team. There's a lot of different ways to make money in this industry and there are more opportunities forming, it's always growing.

Q: How much time do you spend playing video games in a day/week?

A: Anywhere between 1-4 hours per day.

Q: What's your end goal?

A: To have fun and meet friends, bring people into the FGC (fighting game community) and also to be the best.

Q: How much do you expect to win at the EVO 2019 tournament in Vegas this weekend?

A: We plan on making side bets. First place for the tournament is $20,000 and lots of competitors are expected to be there. Lots of money can be made on side bets.

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