'Blucifer: The Doom Horse of Denver' is a video game that is all about destroying Denver. Denver's landmarks are no match for Blucifer's laser eyes.

According to the website, an extraordinary lighting storm awakens Blucifer (you know, that creepy blue horse at Denver International Airport) in this video game. He then rampages through the Mile High City, destroying everything in his path and consuming the souls of the innocent.

There are lots of Denver landmarks in the game, all of which you can destroy. Expect to see landmarks like Casa Bonita, Coors Field, and even a liquor store - Argonaut Liquors to be exact.

The creator of the game, Ryan Seabury, says by making this game he wants to show and teach players about Denver's landmarks. Even though you are destroying them in the game, you're still learning about them.

Ryan has been developing 'Blucifer: The Doom Horse of Denver' for about five years and it's almost ready to be rolled out to the public. I guess this is when having kids come in handy because they're playing the game to work out some of the bugs.

I like playing video games and I would definitely give this one a try. (Especially since it's Colorado-centric.)See more about 'Blucifer: The Doom Horse of Denver' here.

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