When you become a police officer, you realize sometimes calls come in that aren't exactly of an emergency nature.

Check out a few of the calls that were made to the Greeley Police department and keep in mind if it isn't an actual emergency, do not call 911.

A husband called to let the police know his wife ruined his fishing trip with constant text nagging.

A resident called to have an officer come by and talk to her son about not leaving the yard without permission.

Police dispatched an officer to a store because a man was talking to someone about religion and wouldn't stop.

Police were called about ducks roaming a neighborhood. The caller asked the police to get them going in the right direction.

A few hours later, another call about the ducks, in the same neighborhood. The caller stated the ducks were "pretty" and had to belong to someone. Police removed the ducks from the neighborhood.

And finally, they were dispatched to a park over a report that kids were picking on a squirrel. Police released the squirrel high up in a tree and reported the squirrel was fine, just tired and hot.

Kudos to the Greeley Police Department for their civic attitude.

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