I’m assuming you like to eat breakfast, unless you’re one of those crazies the just doesn’t eat breakfast. Assuming you’re a normal person, you love breakfast. Well, one of my favorite things about summer is taking mornings off of work, and going out to breakfast. In fact, I like it better than going out to dinner, way better. Here is a list of hot breakfast spots in Grand Junction, that you definitely need to check out this summer.

1. Pufferbelly Station

This restaurant is set up in the old train station. They have great food, and their giant cinnamon rolls are absolutely amazing. Just a fair warning, they are always busy, so plan ahead.

For photos, directions, reviews and more about Pufferbelly click here.

2. Camilla’s

This restaurant is actually located in Fruita, but it’s definitely the breakfast hot spot in Fruita. They have all of the traditional breakfast food you love. Again, because this is the hot spot in fruita, just make sure you give yourself plenty of time because they are always slammed.

For photos, directions, reviews and more about Camilla's click here.

3. Dream Cafe

The Dream Cafe is located in Downtown Grand Junction and they have giant pancakes, and they are to die for. The cool thing about the Dream Cafe is that they have a lot of the traditional breakfast food you’re used too, but they also have a lot of menu items that push outside the box. Either way, they are delicious and I really dig their giant pancakes!

For photos, directions, reviews and more about Dream Cafe click here.

4. Spoons

The thing I love about Spoons, is that you really feel like you’re eating breakfast in a cafe in Europe, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to eat breakfast in a cafe in Europe? I’ve never been disappointed with the food here, but I love any of their egg dishes.

For photos, directions, reviews and more about Spoons click here.

5. The Egg and I

The Egg and I is one of my favorite places to snag breakfast in Grand Junction, and the best part for me is that it’s a 30 second drive from my house! As you could guess, any of their egg dishes are absolutely superb.

For photos, directions, reviews and more about The Egg and I click here.

6. Lois’ Place

Lois’ Place has been a breakfast go-to since I was little. I remember even in High School my friends and I would meet up at Lois Place for breakfast. Their prices are pretty unbeatable, you can get a really great breakfast and not have to spend much money. Plus, the staff do a great job of bringing that old fashioned diner feel to the room.

For photos, directions, reviews and more about Lois' Place click here.

7. Berna B’s 

Berna B’s is owned by some really great friends of mine, who both originally had other jobs. They decided they wanted to start a restaurant and they dedicated themselves to it. The food is absolutely fantastic, and when they do their breakfast buffet, you definitely need to make it out to Berna B’s. They also cater, and their prices are hard to beat!

For photos, directions, reviews and more about Berna B's click here.

8. Randy’s Southside Diner

Randy’s is a staple of the community, and has been since I can remember. This place has all of the great breakfast food you love, I promise! Randy’s is located in Orchard Mesa, and like most of these places you’ll need to plan ahead because I can almost guarantee they will be busy.

For photos, directions, reviews and more about Randy's Southside Diner click here.

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