The Colorado River is known for its unmatched beauty and power, and we are lucky enough to have it run right through Grand Junction. Unfortunately, we tend to forget all of the awesome outdoor activities available to us in our back yard. If you're looking for some fun activities to do this summer, you need to consider some time on the local river. Here are 7 reasons that you need to float the Grand Junction section of the Colorado River this summer:

1. It’s a Great Float For Beginners

This float is a laid back and easy float river trip. If you have children or older family members that want to join, this is the area to bring them along. The river is very slow moving at some points, which provides a great opportunity for a swim break.

2. There Is an Epic Variety Of Wildlife To See

Colorado is known for our beautiful and diverse wildlife, and what better chance to view it than on the river? One of the most popular species of birds along the river is the Blue Heron. These beautiful, elegant creatures can be spotted all along the river. If you're lucky, you can also spot some Bald Eagle!

3. There are a plethora of options to choose the length of your float

Another great feature of the Grand Junction area of the Colorado River is the fact that there are so many places to put in, and pull out of the river. This means that if you only want to float the river for 3 hours, or 7 hours, you can plan where you put in the river and pull out of the river, accordingly.

4. There is an exuberant amount of stunning picnic areas

The Grand Junction section of the Colorado River is very calm, which means there are an intense amount of areas to pull your raft to the side of the river and have lunch. In fact, I've been floating this area of the river for over a decade, and I'm not certain that I've ever had lunch in the same place twice.

5. There are a lot of choices for your rentals in the Grand Junction Area

A simple search on google will yield a lot of rafts and kayak rental results in the Grand Junction area. A few of my favorites are Rimrock Adventures, Adventure Bound, and The Get Air Silo. If you need a guide, Rimrock Adventures and Adventure Bound can also provide a river guide.

6. If you have kids, this is an adventurous way to bond

Some of my favorite memories with my kids are the ones we made on the river. It's a safe way to spend some real quality time together. The best part is, no smartphones.

7. It’s a great way to cool off this summer

Anyone who lives in Grand Junction knows that the summers here (especially July) can be extremely hot, and dry. What better way to cool off than on the Colorado river!

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced river navigator, the Grand Junction section of the Colorado River is a fantastic place to share a river experience with friends and family. If you haven't ever floated it, do it this summer. If you've floated it in the past, do it this summer.

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