Pokemon Go has been an overnight sensation across the nation.

Everywhere you go, you can see people walking with their phones in their faces. While this may not seem different than the usual, you will definitely notice the number of people out walking while playing this game is much larger than before. Pokemon GO is largely based on Pokestops, which are scattered all over the world. A Pokestop is generally connected to a popular landmark, or important location and each Pokestop holds little treasures for the people that find it (usually Pokeballs, Potions, and other useful items that you would otherwise have to purchase). On your phone screen, Pokestops appear as blue squares.

Grand Junction has several Pokestops scattered all over, basically, anywhere you could possibly think. However, there are some areas that have a rich amount of Pokestops, throughout Grand Junction, and here are a few that I have personally found.

Downtown Grand Junction

Downtown Grand Junction is absolutely littered with Pokestops. In fact, every block downtown (especially along the main street) has at least a few Pokestops. There are also several good Pokemon to capture in the Downtown Grand Junction area.

Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park is another location that is absolutely littered with Pokestops. You can easily spend over an hour there trying to get all of the Pokestops and catch the different Pokemon in the area.

Canyonview Park

Canyonview Park also has a lot of Pokestops, though you have to walk a little farther to get to each one. There are also some rarer Pokemon in the area (so I've heard, I haven't been able to catch any yet).

Mesa Mall Area

The Mesa Mall area (the surrounding few miles) also have several Pokestops, and good Pokemon. The challenge in this area is that you can't really walk to each of them, and you absolutely should not play the game while driving. My suggestion is to bring your Poke Squad with you, and have someone navigating where to go, and then park in each general area and walk from there.


I've heard that Fruita is also littered with Pokestops, although I haven't had a chance to go check it out myself. I'm planning on making a run to Downtown Fruita look for Pokestops later this week. I've also heard there are some different Pokemon in that area than a lot of Grand Junction.

The Ridges

Believe it or not, The Ridges (up in the Redlands) has quite a few Pokestops (and a gym) in that area. Don't forget to swing around the backside to snag the Pokestop and the Tabagauche Trail Head.

Whether you're a hardcore Pokemon fan, or just someone wanting an excuse to get some more exercise in your day, Pokemon Go is a great game and a fun way to connect with friends, and meet new people. Just remember to find as many Pokestops as possible.

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