Enjoying a Western Colorado hike is fun, but not when it's 105 degrees out. What if you want to hike, and right now is your only chance? There are three Western Colorado trails you'll enjoy, even when the temperature is above 90.

First of all, we're talking "hike." We're not talking about climbing or anything strenuous. This information pertains to relatively flat trails offering shade.

Please note: While these "trails" are friendly under hot conditions, that fact applies primarily to those wearing shoes. The blacktop on the Audubon Trail is acceptable to humans in 100-degree heat, but not the unprotected paws of your dog. The blacktop can get scorching hot, even when the temperature is only 90. Please keep this in mind.

Here it is, the first official week of summer. It looks like Mother Nature is going to give us a break. According to the National Weather Service, Saturday's high should hit around 93. Sunday is even cooler, with a high of 85. What about later in the summer?

In no particular order, these are three hikes you may enjoy when the temperature pushes 100.

  • Waylon Jordan via YouTube
    Waylon Jordan via YouTube

    Audubon Trail

    On the Way to the Redlands

    This trail is paved, sometimes in concrete, sometimes with blacktop. From the trailhead to the ranger's station is roughly two miles. That's more than adequate on a hot day. Along the way, plenty of trees, and as a result, shade.

    There are also plenty of mosquitoes during the summer. Please come prepared.

  • Waylon Jordan
    Waylon Jordan

    Gunny Loop

    Little Park Road

    Gunny Loop, or at least parts of it, offers ample shade. This is a single-track dirt trail, with only a few peaks and valleys. For the most part, it's a trail suitable for anyone. Overall, you're looking at investing about one hour of your time.

    There's a convenient parking area at the trailhead. From there you can set out on one of three trails. I recommend taking the trail to the left (north) and looping back to the straightaway returning you to the parking area.

  • Waylon Jordan
    Waylon Jordan

    Eagle's Wing

    Little Park Road

    Once again, this trail offers at least partial shade. With Eagle's Wing, you'll work your way up the north side of the hill. Unless it's high noon, you'll have some shade. Once at the top, you'll enjoy some truly nice features.

    This trail is a single-track dirt trail. There's only a slight incline. Chances are you'll walk the entire thing and never encounter another human being.

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