The website has released it's Top 21 Small Cities in Colorado. Have you lived in any of them?

The article doesn't exactly explain it's criteria that makes up a small city, but it is nice to read about some places I have not heard of before. Places I definitely want to visit.

There are quite a few of these Top 21 cities up the hill, of course, but a few of our neighbors on the West side made it on the list.

Congratulations to Gunnison. Coming in at Number 12. Big props were given to Gunnison for it's never ending options of recreational activities. In fact, the article calls this small city 'virtually flawless.'

Also, a round of applause for Hotchkiss! Finishing at Number two on the list. While there was mention of some of the attractions there, such as Gunnison Gorge, Morrow Point, Blue Mesa, Black Canyon and the San Juan Forest, this city was chosen mainly for the beautiful and temperate climate year around.


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