I'll be honest it was difficult narrowing it down to just 16 songs that talk about Colorado because so many musicians love it in our beautiful state and love to write songs about it. As soon as I had my list of 16 songs about Colorado set, I thought of other songs and thought they should make the list but it was a lot of fun putting this list together.

Quite a few of these songs now only speak about Colorado but they also did well on the charts so millions of people have heard and sang along to lyrics about where we live. Country artists like John Denver, Johnny Cash, and Merle Haggard all made the list but it went beyond just country with the pop band One Republic also making the list.

It's always easy to pick out things that you don't like or would like to change about where we live but if you think about it, there are people with millions of dollars that choose to visit and vacation here every year. We truly are so fortunate to call Colorado home.

I love to see all the songs about specific towns as well, Telluride has been a favorite to many artists including Dierks Bentley, Tim McGraw, and Solid Frog which you will find all three on the list below.

But I know there are many more songs than just the 16 that I picked out. So please feel free to comment and let us know about your favorite Colorado song whether it made the list or not.

16 Songs About Colorado

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