If you've spent at least a year in Colorado, you've undoubtedly seen some crazy weather. 

Colorado is known for its world-famous ski resorts, which require a lot of snow to stay in business, but mother nature doesn't always reserve major snowfalls for the winter.

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Colorado can see things like avalanches, heat waves, and tornadoes, all in less than a year. Keep scrolling to read through 11 stories of crazy Colorado weather that reaffirm the state's reputation of having the wackiest weather you've ever heard of.

11 Stories of Crazy Colorado Weather

As a Colorado native spending over 36 years in the state, I knew that there were numerous stories out there about crazy Colorado weather. So, curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking you to share some of the craziest weather-related experiences you've had in the state and, as I predicted, you did not disappoint.

One of the themes that was present multiple times was Colorado experiencing snow well outside of traditional winter months. In fact, a couple of people told stories of experiencing snowfall on the 4th of July.

Another phenomenon that Colorado experiences fairly regularly is massive hail. One account retold the story of experiencing massive hail stones during a tornado in Denver, while another told of a crazy hailstorm in Pueblo during a softball tournament.

While Colorado's high peaks are not traditionally the most ideal for tornadoes, (in fact, quite the contrary,) our state does have a history of funnel clouds.

Keep scrolling to read stories like these, as well as other tales of lightning and other crazy weather phenomena from right here in Colorado:

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