Pollsters have been calling around Colorado asking residents and voters about the states growing population, and most of the feedback indicated many residents feel the same about growing numbers in the Centennial State.

KDVR recently shared data collected from internet surveys and telephone calls that show growing concern over the number of people moving to Colorado since 2010.

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Recent Polls Say Voters Want People to Stop Moving to Colorado

I hear people say all the time that Colorado has more transplants than native residents. While I can't point to anything that supports this as fact, It's an opinion that many in Colorado have. Since 2010, Colorado has seen traffic congestion rise in metro areas, and the housing market become something most average residents won't be able to afford if the trends continue.

Colorado's Population has been Booming Since 2010

Since 2010, Colorado's population has grown some 14%, with an additional 1.8 million people added to the mix by 2050 if these trends continue. 63% of residents questioned in recent polls reported by KDVR say they want state and local leaders to try to slow down the influx of residents moving in from elsewhere.

Colorado's Most Crowded Counties

El Paso, Denver, and Arapahoe Counties remain the 3 most populated in the state. Mesa County is the 11th most populated county in Colorado with an estimated 155,700 residents.

Scroll on to see the top 10 reasons collected by pollsters about why Colorado residents want to slow down the number of new residents coming to the state.

10 Reasons Colorado Residents Want People to Stop Moving to Our State

Polls in Colorado indicate residents are showing increasing destain for increasing numbers of people moving to the Centennial State. KDVR in Denver recently posted results from pollsters asking about Colorado's growing population. Here are the top 10 reasons residents think Colorado needs to slow down the number of people moving in.

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