The bathroom: it's where you do your best thinking, so why not have a set-up that actually gets you inspired? From a solid gold toilet, to a World of Warcraft shower, these are the 10 incredible bathroom designs from around the world.

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    World of Warcraft Bathroom

    The couple who built this bathroom for the Horde actually met online playing World of Warcraft, and after they got married, decided the bathroom was the most appropriate room to theme, as that’s where they draw the most aggro. The only downside to this skull and dragon encrusted toilet? No way of logging into WoW, while you’re having a Cataclysm of your own.

    Leofwynn / Photobucket
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    Aquarium Bathroom

    Sorry, dudes, this restroom is women only… Unless you can magically turn yourself into a sea turtle, like the one that swims around behind the toilet in this bathroom at the Mumin Papa Cafe in Akashi, Japan. Note: this bathroom was voted “most likely to get shot during a gang fight” by Action Movie Magazine (not true).

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    See-Through Toilet

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    Secret Bathroom

    Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield, Ohio has won the America’s Best Restroom award (which is an actual thing that actually exists) for a reason: it looks like a Port-o-Potty. Or at least, the entrance does, but when you open the door, there’s a long hallway filled with jungle memorabilia, and then a giant, public restroom – a much better option than the last Port-o-Potty we tried to fit twenty people into.

    Flickr / the1andonlycary
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    Star Trek: Voyager Bathroom

    The world’s only Star Trek: Voyager fan spent a ton of his own money and time to transform his entire apartment into a tribute to his inexplicably favorite show, so why stop at the bathroom? The whole room is suffused with a blue light and slick interiors, but the crown jewel is in the shower, which features of a reproduction of the read-out display of the Voyager. Seriously.

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    The Bathroom At The End Of The World

    What could possibly be more awesome and manly than pissing all over the South Pole? Nothing, that’s what, and that’s why there’s an isolated outhouse at the McMurdo Station in Central West Antarctica. Warning: Outside of the outhouse – which is sort of heated - do NOT try to write your name in the snow, if you know what we mean.

    Courtesy of McMurdo Station, Central West Antarctica
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    Mannequin Bathroom

    We have no idea what the deal is with this mannequin in a bathroom, or whether it will magically come alive and look like Kim Cattrall/Kristy Swanson, but we do know this: never, ever Google image search “sexy bathroom” in a crowded coffee shop.

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    Stone Bathroom

    There’s actually nothing particularly hilarious about this all-stone bathroom design at the Natura Cabanas in the Dominican Republic. It just looks cool, and that’s all right with us.
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    Pop-Up Urinal

    In order to cut down on lads peeing in public late at night, the Danish government came up with a unique solution: a urinal that pops out of the ground when you need it, which will definitely help scare you out of your public drunkenness.

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    The Man With The Golden Bathroom

    That’s right: everything in this Hong Kong bathroom, from the toilet, to the tub, to even the phone is made of solid gold, at a cost of nearly $38 million. We know it’s true because we spent a lot of time test-biting everything, like some sort of old timey prospector.