Have you had a chance to visit Salida, Colorado? The scenery is awesome, the shops are great, and the restaurants are fantastic. Be sure to watch your step, though.

I spent a little time in Salida last summer. The Bluegrass festival was in town, and it was time for a little road trip.

In addition to the incredible festivals, Salida is also home to some remarkable shops, restaurants, and I'll come right out and say it, bars. It's well worth the time and money to get a hotel room and spend a few days in the town.

One recent visitor to Salida would be Kiss Cactus. This YouTube contributor has a channel called "Not Too Shabby." With these videos, he shares his thoughts on various communities, many of them smaller Colorado towns, along with brief clips of random odds and ends.

One such video featured his thoughts on visiting Salida. Unfortunately, as with many towns, the downtown shopping areas include obstacles in the form of sandwich boards and other outdoor advertising. A certain degree of attention is warranted. Check out the video at the top of the post to see what I mean.

Kiss Cactus is doing alright. His YouTube channel currently has over five thousand subscribers.

It just so happens, Salida was the subject of the very first "Not Too Shabby" YouTube video he made. For a time, he was a resident of Salida. Watch the video below for an explanation as to how this video series began, and Salida's role in its development.

It seems Kiss Cactus finds Salida, with the exception of its various obstructions, to be "not too shabby." As soon as things settle down, you might follow his suggestion and pay a visit.

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