I need a couple of very tall tress removed from a property. I asked you to help me find Western Colorado's best tree service? Here's what you had to say.

After several calls, it seems most companies listed in the phone book are in very high demand. Most aren't available for days if not weeks. What happened? Did trees suddenly up and die? Given the record breaking lack of rain combined with record setting heat, that isn't hard to imagine.

In addition to the number of tree services around the valley, finding the right one to hire is complicated further by the fact their estimates vary so drastically. Whenever I have a tree removed, I like to have the stump removed, but the wood left behind. I have a buddy who comes by and collects the wood for his winter woodpile. Removing the stump can be pricey, but I like a break on the price due to the fact I don't need the remnants removed.

I have two trees, I'm guessing the better part of 40 feet tall, located disturbingly close to a rental house I own.

To date, estimates have come in at $500 per tree. That's way out of my league. Obviously it's dangerous work, hence the reason why I don't want to do it myself. That having been said, $500 is more than I have.

You were asked to vote for your favorite Western Colorado company. The votes really poured in. Many were write-in votes. When it was all said and done, these were the top seven finalists:

Grand Junction Tree Services top 7

Well, there you have it, your picks for the best tree companies in the valley. I always hate to have a tree removed. It's kind of heartbreaking. Unfortunately, sometimes it has to be done. Congratulations to T4 Tree Service. They finished way out in front. Looks like I'll be giving them a call.

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