Unless you want to meet the same fate as the dinosaurs, you might want to avoid launching your raft from this location for the time being.

Via their Facebook page, the Dinosaur National Monument advises river enthusiasts to avoid launching from the Gates of Lodore when rafting the Green River. It appears there is a giant sandbar at the boat ramp. How big is it? Well, the river is a good 150 yards away. That's a pretty long haul when you're toting your raft.

The crew at the Dinosaur National Monument report it's "not a good idea to drive onto the soft sand." If you attempt it, you might get stuck and face the same future as the dinosaur.

Okay, so where exactly is this launch at the Gates of Lodore? I'm embarrassed to say this, but I was born in Western Colorado, and to date, have never heard of it. According to americansouthwest.net:

The northernmost section of Dinosaur National Monument contains the Canyon of Lodore, a deep, cliff-bound, rapid-filled stretch of the Green River that is generally inaccessible overland, and instead can only be viewed at water level, by boating or rafting.

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