As a native Coloradoan, I see so many things that make me think, "you know you're from Colorado when..." that make out-of-staters stick out like a sore thumb. If you're not wearing flip flops in 3 feet of snow, we know you're not from Colorado. Check out the other ways we know you're from Colorado.

Through my own observations and with the help of some Colorado natives, here are the 20 ways to tell you're from Colorado.

  • You take your skis/snowboard and bicycle on the same weekend trip.
  • The bicycle rack and bicycles on your car are worth at least twice as much as the car itself.
  • You know the phrase 'Rocky Mountain High' has several different meanings depending on the context, (song, mountain climbing, marijuana), in which it's used.
  • It's perfectly normal to wear winter and summer clothes on the same day and always have a set of the one you're not wearing available at all times.
  • Your tap water tastes better than bottled water.
  • You know South Park is a real place and not just a TV show.
  • You say "the interstate" and everybody knows which one.
  • You've gone off-roading in a vehicle that was never intended for that activity without worrying about what will be bent, dented or broken.
  • You know what Rocky Mountain Oysters are and the best places to find them.
  • When people from the East tell you they have mountains, you can't help but laugh hysterically.
  • Knowing Texas and California are downstream, gives you a certain satisfaction when you flush.
  • Your sense of direction relies on the mountains. So directions to anywhere include "towards or away from the mountains."
  • Formal means wearing your best jeans and an ironed shirt with a collar. Semi-formal is the same thing except you don't bother ironing the shirt.
  • You know who Alferd Packer is and his name isn't Alfred.
  • In a restaurant, the micro-brew list is more extensive and descriptive than the wine list. You've also tasted enough of them to make recommendations to your dinner guests.
  • When someone says, "just wait ten minutes and it will change," you know they're talking about the weather.
  • Flip flops are the acceptable footwear for almost every day of the year and any occasion.
  • You know a trust fund hippy's natural habitat is Boulder. Likewise, you know a bear's natural habitat is wherever he wants it to be and you respect his decision.
  • You call the amusement park in Denver Elitch's or Elitch Gardens, not Six Flags.
  • You know Denver is called the Mile High City because of the elevation and not because it has more retail pot shops than anywhere else in the US.

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