Colorado isn't exactly known for its great wages. There is, however, a gig coming to the state paying well into the six-figure range. Could you handle flipping burgers if you were to rake in $160,000 a year?

By now you've heard the good news; In-N-Out is coming to Colorado Springs. Colorado has been drooling over the idea of one of these burger joints coming to the state. What does this have to do with big bucks?

How much does a store manager rake in per year? Would you believe In-N-Out pays its store managers an average yearly salary exceeding $160,000? That info comes courtesy of the latest California Sun newsletter.

What are the qualifications? According to the California Sun, you don't need a college degree. For that matter, no experience is necessary. What does a store manager do? According to KTVU, the big boss runs a singular restaurant and is ultimately responsible for overseeing all operations. I know people with similar gigs who are barely raking in 40K.

Let's put this into perspective. According to Fox 21 News, the average architect in California can expect to make around $112,000 a year. According to Indeed, the average lawyer in California takes home around $117,000.

What about the rest of the crew at In-N-Out Burger? The website Glassdoor ranks In-N-Out as the #4 best place to work in 2018. Both part and full-time employees receive dental and vision insurance. Employees start at the above-average rate of $13 per hour, according to SF Gate.

Rarely will you hear a figure like $160,000 mentioned when discussing a Colorado job. That astronaut who grew up in northern Colorado probably didn't pull in $160,000. In-N-Out sounds like a cool place to work. Give this opportunity some thought.

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