You can do yoga with fuzzy little goats right here in Grand Junction. Here's where you can take goat yoga and why goat yoga puts a smile on people's faces.

While I was at Colorado Mesa University, I saw a sign for goat yoga, so I decided to look into it. I found out that goat yoga is a super popular thing at CMU.

It all started with the CMU rodeo coach, Branden Edwards, doing goat yoga at the Mesa County Fair and then at the university. They originally started with two classes, but those classes filled up in only 27 minutes, according to CMU's website.

They now have three 30-person yoga sessions, all with fuzzy little goats. I've never done yoga with goats before, but I do like yoga so I would give it a try. Here's what students think about goat yoga.

Jorge Esparza, who's a senior at CMU, says it's not about the yoga, it's more about the goats. He said:

I really like the goats, they're super cute.

Colorado Mesa University says that getting outside more is one of the recreation center's goals this semester. Students like being around the goats and out in the sun, according to CMU's website.

According to Branden Edwards, the CMU rodeo coach/owner of the goats said that 'connecting with animals is a great stress reliever and can help with anxiety and depression.' You can definitely expect more goat yoga at Colorado Mesa University next month. (Aka October.)

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