Yellowstone ended with a stunning revelation at the end of Season 4, Episode 4 on Sunday night (Nov. 21). The runaway hit Paramount Network show seems to have tipped viewers off to the real culprit behind the attacks on the Dutton family — but some online theories may have already figured it out.

Episode 4 finds Jimmy (Jefferson White) beginning to settle in on the road to his new home at the 6666 ranch in Texas, even as he's stunned to see how much money Travis (Taylor Sheridan) is winning for the Yellowstone on the show horse circuit.

Meanwhile, Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) gets a surprising proposal from Market Equities, which offers her a job helping turn parts of Montana into destination spots like Colorado has done previously. It's a job she tells John Dutton (Kevin Costner) might put her into a better position to watch out for the family's interests, like his previous foray into politics.

Kayce (Luke Grimes) meets with Jamie (Wes Bentley) to ask him to look into the file Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) gave them on the mysterious prison inmate Riggins, who ordered the militia to attack the Duttons and their ranch, and he also asks him to personally handle his interview.

Viewers see Jamie in a different light when Kayce points out that he did not come around after the attacks; Jamie reveals that he used his political influence to make sure that none of the steps the Duttons took to avenge the attacks — many of which were quite questionable from a legal standpoint — ever came under investigation, explaining that he had to keep his distance to keep everyone's hands clean during that period. The brothers each say "I love you" as they part, in the first sign we've seen of any healing beginning to take place between Jamie and the rest of the family since he found out that John Dutton is not his biological father.

Tensions in the bunkhouse between Lloyd (Forrie Smith) and Walker (Ryan Bingham) finally boil over, leading to a savage brawl that Rip (Cole Hauser) ends up having to settle the hard way. Carter (Finn Little) also gets a stern warning from Rip, who tells him in no uncertain terms that he's close to blowing the second chance the ranch affords him, and that he'll end up dead like his father if he fails to understand that.

Kayce decides that Monica (Kelsey Asbille) and Tate (Brecken Merrill) need a break from the Dutton Ranch to heal after the trauma they endured when the house was under attack, and he reluctantly agrees to leave the ranch as a family for a while, leading John to muse about why all of his children seem to need to depart the ranch to be happy.

"There's no peace in this place," Beth informs him, adding that it doesn't bother him or Kayce "because you're not peaceful men. I guess I'm not peaceful, either," she trails off, before making a classic Beth Dutton observation that shocks even her normally unflappable father.

Fans also see the tenderness between Rip and Beth extend when he admits that he does not know his birthday, adding that his coming into the world was not something his family thought was cause for celebration. She responds by insisting on picking a birthday for him, which she more or less forces upon him, saying, "We're gonna celebrate you."

As the episode ends, we see Jimmy moving toward some resolution as Travis drops him off at the 6666 ranch in Texas, which is going to be the setting for an upcoming Yellowstone spinoff titled Yellowstone: 6666. Carter also seems to have a new resolve about what he needs to do to move forward, while Lloyd seems defeated after his confrontation with Rip.

There's one really pivotal scene tucked near the end of the episode. When Jamie reads through the file his secretary compiled on Riggins, who ordered the attacks on the Duttons, he is stunned to find that one of his old cellmates was Garrett Randall (Will Patton), Jamie's own biological father with whom he has only recently reconnected.

"Oh my god," Jamie gasps, and while the scene is surely more satisfying for viewers who were left confused at the end of Episode 3, it's not entirely a shocker at this point. In the week since Yellowstone took a turn and revealed that John Dutton did not know the man who attacked his family, the online fan speculation has focused on this as one of the most likely scenarios.

Of course, it's Taylor Sheridan, and there's likely to be more to it than that as Season 4 of Yellowstone moves forward into Episode 5 next Sunday (Nov. 28). Did Randall use Riggins to order the attacks, and if so, why? What is the old bad blood between him and John Dutton that we don't know about yet? And how does all of this play into the trailer we saw ahead of Season 4 that shows Jamie pointing a gun at Randall? Will he end up having to make a hard choice between his birth father and the one who chose to raise him?

Tune in next week on the Paramount Network to find that out, and stay tuned to Taste of Country as we provide week-to-week coverage of Yellowstone and the first season of the upcoming prequel 1883, including episode analysis, news on the shows, cast interviews and more.

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