Yes, I understand that an alcohol-free bar seems like an oxymoron but they are starting to pop up around the country. In fact, Denver is one of the latest cities to see bars offering alcohol-free mocktails and they're gaining lots of attention.

An article published by The Know was released earlier this month discussing businesses like the new Honey Elixir Bar which caters to customers who prefer no alcohol. Although they still have a few cocktails on their menu for those who want to drink alcohol.

Lots of people are looking for a place to socialize without having the pressure of drinking. That is exactly what the Honey Elixir is trying to accomplish. Their owners say after they become more established they want to host alcohol support groups, writing workshops and meetups of various kinds.

The part that is hard for me to wrap my head around is some of the costs when it comes to the beverages being offered. You can get a coffee-like beverage starting at around $3.50 or more specialized beverage going all the way up to $12 per drink. While I understand that some drinks at a bar can cost you $12, it just seems a little steep to me as someone who has never experienced an establishment like this.

I've visited coffee shops the brought a board game to spend more time there and have some fun while drinking coffee, but even then the drinks were normally all less than $5.

What do you think? Would a sober bar in the Grand Valley be something you would visit with friends when you need a night out? Or do you think this idea is never going to work here in Colorado?

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