By now you've seen the viral video - a 70-year-old woman braving the elements to properly return a shopping cart. This video was captured in West Virginia. Would a Western Colorado resident make the same effort?

Here in Happy Valley, we don't see rain like this. Lately, we don't see rain, period. In the event we did see precipitation, would a Western Colorado local make this kind of effort?

The praise, and believe it or not, condemnation, is pouring in via social media. One dude said the following:

I don't work there. Why should I put the cart away that's why they hire people to do it. Same reason you shouldn't self checkout. You're not helping anyone. You're hurting jobs. These BS jobs won't exist much longer. - Geryk Hivley

In contrast, others said:

Faith in humanity restored. - RAK


That woman represents true respect! Respect for others property and respect for being responsible even while under the most extreme conditions... She was raised right and has kept her family's teachings. - AbelieverofourLord

Most of my trips to the grocery store involve seeing employeeS shagging carts. I also frequently see people leaving cart behind. This can be irritating. My brand new car already has a nice ding in the door. That didn't take long.

I respect the woman for putting the cart in its proper place. No employee is going to lose their job. Someone still has to bring the carts in from the parking lot. The effort on behalf of the lady served to put the cart in a place where it would cause no damage. Considering the weather, this effort was very admirable. Considering her age of 70, it was nothing short of magnificent.

My question remains. Would a Western Colorado resident make this effort? The safe answer would be "some would, some wouldn't." That, however, is the safe answer. If we were to be totally blunt, what would your answer be?

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