Working on Christmas Eve is bad enough, but imagine working under these conditions. Here's a big shout out to all those brave souls driving truck through Western Colorado this Christmas Eve.

I've always been amazed by truck drivers. I haven't a clue how they do it. I spend half the day Saturday trying to back a 4' X 8' trailer into my driveway. After 30 failed attempts, I got PO'd and unhooked the thing and pushed it into the driveway by hand.

Imagine driving a rig through the mountains of Western Colorado with fresh snow on the ground. I couldn't do it, even with a gun to my head.

One of our listeners, Steve Harding, truck driver extraordinaire and member of the Western Colorado band Lever Action, periodically sends me photos and videos from his adventures driving truck through the region.

Colorado Truck Driving
Steve Harding

The photo directly above gets a big "No thank you." The photo at the top of the post, Cottonwood Pass, elevation 12,119 feet, gets a tremendous "Not a chance in H***." That first and only left turn is a doozy.

This is a very important, and very tough job. Kudos to all those out there that keep things moving. In this age of "I want it yesterday," it's the truck drivers and delivery people who make it happen.

Be safe out there. Thanks for what you do. Here's hoping you'll have a chance to park the rig and enjoy a warm, safe holiday with family and friends.

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