There’s some maybe not-so-great news here to report: the ‘Wonder Woman’ film is reportedly in negotiations with a screenwriter following the hiring of director Michelle MacLaren. And although we had our fingers crossed that WB would also hire a woman to script the film, their screenwriter of choice is Jason Fuchs, who is, as you may have guessed, a dude. He’s also responsible for the screenplay for the upcoming ‘Pan’ movie, which doesn’t seem very promising. But there’s still hope! Don’t feel too bad yet!

THR reports that Fuchs is in negotiations with WB to script the first ‘Wonder Woman’ solo film, which is set long before our hero meets the ‘Justice League,’ on her home of Paradise Island. There, the Amazonian women are divided into warring factions, until a mysterious man arrives and asks Wonder Woman for her help. That is the outline of the first film, according to an earlier report, which also outlines the proposed plot for two sequels.

In addition to scripting Joe Wright’s questionable upcoming ‘Pan’ film, Fuchs also wrote the screenplay for ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ and … not much else, really. On the one hand, there’s the old argument about how the studio shouldn’t hire a woman for the job just because she’s a woman—they should hire the best person for the job. Fuchs doesn’t have much experience, and there are many more experienced female screenwriters out there who would probably jump at the chance to write a ‘Wonder Woman’ film.

I don’t know if WB actually pursued any of those women, but meetings—particularly when it comes to big budget endeavors such as these—are incredibly important, and Fuchs likely impressed the hell out of the studio with his pitch.

And here’s something to keep in mind: although ‘Wonder Woman’ isn’t being scripted by a woman, it’s still being directed by the immensely talented MacLaren, who previously worked as a producer and director on ‘Breaking Bad,’ and has directed some of the most badass episodes of ‘Game of Thrones.’ On top of that, MacLaren’s job on ‘Wonder Woman’ also entails developing the script with the writer(s), which means she’ll be overseeing Fuchs’ drafts, and nothing will happen without her approval.

So yes, it’s kind of a bummer that ‘Wonder Woman’ won’t be written and directed by a woman, but just remember that a woman is still running this show.

‘Wonder Woman’ hits theaters on June 23, 2017.

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