More and more parents are letting their children choose who they are. It is called Gender -Neutral, Gender- Creative or Gender -Diverse. There is even a new name for the children and they are being called Theybie's. Many parents are also calling their children them or they without referring to them as he or she.

This new style of parenting is because some parents do not want to put undue pressure on their children to be a boy or a girl and just want them to decide for themselves when they are older. The reason why parents are doing this is that they think the child will become happier and emotionally balanced. Parents encourage their child to play with both girl and boy toys and pick gender-neutral colors for their kids.

Many experts say this could cause harm to the child and may give them anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
Dr. Jillian Roberts, a professor at the University of Victoria, says what matters most is that parents are supportive of their children and allow them to explore their feelings.

Do you think this is a good idea for your child to raise them as being Gender-Neutral?

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