Stephanie has gone public with her cries for assistance so that her family might endure "Ziggy's Pool Disaster." It seems her family's pool has suffered some damage, so she's gone to the web to start a "Go Fund Me" campaign asking you to donate. Are you firing up your checkbook?

According to Stephanie, her family is in agony following the discovery of cracks in their pool. Estimates are coming in between $15,000 and $35,000. Read their heartbreaking story:

My name is Stephanie. Brad, Ziggy and I used all our money to move from Pennsylvania to Arizona 2 1/2 years ago.  We left all of our family behind to live our dream life in a beautiful climate in a dream home( one with a garage,yard and pool). Not even 6 months after we bought our home the supposedly newly remodeled pool cracked and we spent $5000(which we are still paying for) to fix it. Unfortunately the pool has cracked again and we really have no way to afford the repairs.  We have had many estimates ranging from $15000-$35000.  The $15000 price is to repair all the cracks with only a 2 year warranty! We chose a company who are willing to give us a discount due to our circumstances and they will provide us with a structural lifetime warranty for the price of $21000 for a basic no thrills 90% new pool. But we also need $9000 to fix the grading and drainage so the pool does not crack again.
I know asking for money for a pool seems frivolous.... but we really do use it. Me and Ziggy are in as soon as the water reaches 72°(about April) and use it everyday we can until November. I use it for therapy for my back and Ziggy likes to chase the bees and dragonflies that skim the water during the very hot summer months. Both my husband and I  work fulltime. I have worked since I was 17 and have put in over 20 years with the same company! We have worked hard for everything we have and unfortunately bad things happen to hard working people. So if you have it in your heart or wallet please share the wealth and help us with our beloved pool.
Thank you!"

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