The news is buzzing about snow at Colorado's Grand Mesa, Telluride, Loveland Pass, Steamboat Springs, and Pikes Peak. Could this early October snow be an indication of a snowy winter?

Let's face it, Western Colorado's winter 2017-2018 was a total dud. Perhaps nonexistent might be a better word. If you are new to Western Colorado, I'll have to ask you to take me at my word and believe we actually have had snow.

This morning's social media traffic is loaded with posts about snow at Steamboat Springs, Loveland Pass, and Telluride. For many locations, this is the first snow of the season. A few others have seen a little snow in recent weeks.

Here in Grand Junction, according to the National Weather Service, we can expect rain clear through Friday, October 12. We might get a day off with only a 20% chance of rain on Tuesday, but that's the only break in the forecast.

In the event you moved to Western Colorado sometime in the last 18 months, chances are you haven't seen much in the way of snow. In the event you're wondering what the region looks like when faced with a legitimate winter, take a look at the video at the top. The photographs were taken by late Daily Sentinel photographer Robert Grant over the course of several decades.

As you can see, we do in fact have winters here in Western Colorado. We don't typically get blizzards as you might expect in the upper Midwest, but we do get snow.

Is the rain in the valley and snow at the higher elevations an indication of what's to come? According to the Farmers Almanac, no. Then again, it was way off with its predictions for summer 2018.

For the sake of our reservoirs, let's hope this recent rain isn't just a fluke, and the upcoming winter will adequately supply our water needs.

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