The National Weather Service says Grand Junction can expect a 30% chance of snow tomorrow (Saturday, November 14). Will our winter 2020-21 look like this? Check out these Bob Grant photos from Grand Junction of yesteryear.

The snowfall the valley experienced a few weeks ago on October 25 caught me off guard. I knew snow was coming, but I had no idea it would be anything like that. Was that storm a prelude to something bigger?

Western Colorado's winter 2017-2018 was a total dud. Winter 2018-19 wasn't bad. The winter of 2019-20 was a bit rough for me, so I really don't recall the weather. If you are new to Western Colorado, I'll have to ask you to take me at my word and believe we actually have had snow.

In the event you're wondering what the region looks like when faced with a legitimate winter, take a look at the video at the top. The photographs were taken by late Daily Sentinel photographer Robert Grant over the course of several decades.

The shot at :34 showing crews working a roundhouse was taken in Ouray. Several of the night time shots were taken on 7th and 12th Streets in Grand Junction. The photo of the snow covered wagon was taken at Bob Grant's house on Little Park Road.

Here's hoping Western Colorado gets adequate snowfall this season. Coming up tomorrow, if we do in fact get snow, I believe a poor man's slide test is in order with my new tires. Please drive safely, plan a little extra time when traveling, and stay warm.

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